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Dear All,

DPS Rajnagar is an extended family of parents, grandparents and staff of the school interacting at various levels to give our children a platform to explore and excel. We believe every child is genius at something we just need to discover and nurture it.

With its tall building, and array of facilities like laboratories, libraries, sports fields etc we are trying to give a start to our children. Just like we need healthy nourishment for our physical self everyday, we need similar input to train our mental being. Gone are the days when knowledge was the be all and end all of all learning. So wise people are not the ones who know a lot of facts, rather those who can think differently and take apt decisions.

DPS Rajnagar facilitates learning by providing a platform to interact with learners at many levels in a congenial environment. Every teacher knows the pupils under their charge and takes utmost care that challenges of the changing world are encountered by them with ease. With happy, sagacious and confident children as our common goal, we embark on our journey with a renewed fervour for this session.

Future of mankind hinges on International cooperation now, more than ever before. And for that it is paramount that we allow our children to develop their inner freedom. Every child should get the opportunity to develop self and that is the first responsibility of DPS Rajnagar. Every child is a winner only some don't know which race to run. The goal of this school is to define that path for them and equip them to use all that they are endowed with.

DPS Rajnagar, envisions a world of laughter and happiness. All the children coming to our portals, have the trust of their teachers. They can bask in the warmth of their teachers unconditional love and aim to reach the stars. Such, is the commitment we have towards our children, the future decision makers of this magnificent planet.

Shashi Ranjan

DPS Rajnagar

Founded on the belief that parents and teachers play the most important role in the formative years of the child, DPS RAJNAGAR lays great emphasis on a closely-knit partnership between the Trinity of the child, the teacher and the parent.

DPS Rajnagar was founded in April 2011. It is an Ultra Modern English Medium School run under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

The School curriculum is designed to help each child realise his/her full potential by providing a wide spectrum of educational activities. The School is equipped with an extensive sports and activity arena, half olympic size swimming pool, seven turf tennis court, football, hockey and cricket Fields. A basket ball court with a fully equipped library, a junior and senior computer lab, well equipped physics, chemistry, biology and robotics lab, a skating rink,  an audio-visual room, a story room, activity areas for music, dance, theatre, yoga and art and craft. The children are provided with ample opportunities to draw out their creativity. The curriculum designed for Nursery, Prep., grades I to III, facilitates the children to acquire the basic skills and values to develop their emotional, social and physical growth. While the specially crafted curriculum for grades IV to VIII in line with NCERT and CBSE guidelines cater to an all round personality development of the students, while a careful blend of activities with the strenuous  and extensive curriculum of secondary ans senior secondary school is designed enabling moulding of ideal citizens for this earth. A team of activity teachers train children in swimming, skating, dance, music, sports and games. Emphasis is laid on phonetics for the appropriate diction, pronunciation and delivery of English language. Celebration of festivals and National days promotes an aura of communal harmony towards understanding the peaceful co-existence.

In order to keep abreast with the latest technological advances, a gamut of facilities are provided for students from Nursery to XII. An array of co-curricular activities complement the academics to enrich the learning of the students.

Celebrations of important Indian festivals and national days promote harmony and patriotism to enable students to grow up as citizen of united India.


Service Before Self

The aim of the school is to provide a holistic system of education; based on Indian culture and tradition.

The goal of DPS Rajnagar is to provide opportunities to all our students to develop into confident, competent and global citizen in all four growth areas: Emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Physical


  • To strengthen a culture of academic excellence
  • To strengthen student personalities with character building, team working, physical development and a sense of leadership
  • To instill a sense of nationalism and communal harmony
  • To inculcate a sensitivity to the concerns of the environment
  • To help students advance technologically without compromising our rich values and our cultural heritage


  • Student development is catalysed across intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic domains.
  • Student achievement is inspired through the celebration of achievements within the school and community.
  • Student learning is encouraged through a spirit of enquiry and competition.
  • Student growth is promoted through the empowerment in school teams, career guidance and counselling.
  • Student progress is facilitated through a mature and mutually benefitting school-parent relationship.

Trained Faculty

DPS Rajnagar is one of the elite educational institutions in the city. The Institution is ably supported by a large and extremely dedicated support staff which includes assistants, researchers, house-keeping personnel, trained paramedics, etc. The Institution has one of the best employee remuneration programmes, while leaving no stone unturned to provide career-enhancement training forums, like awareness workshops, multi-skills training and advanced courses. This translates in to very well groomed and knowledgeable students who remain the much admired benchmark for other Institutions in the city, and elsewhere, to emulate such measures have enhanced the pride and self-respect of each member of this Institution and has therefore been the cause of a very low attrition rate, while being a more than happy workforce who take pride in what they accomplish. The dedicated staff provides students a caring and individual attention, making sure that each child keeps-up with its respective peer group.

Academic Focus

DPS Rajnagar follows the syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE. It is our constant endeavour to direct each child to become a motivated lifelong learner by experiencing the joy of discovery and ownership of results. Our curriculum has been structured to ensure that knowledge is important through a combination of resources and techniques making the learning process exciting and easy to comprehend. Class room teaching, multi media workshops, exchange programmes, co-curricular activities and excursions help children gain inside knowledge at various levels.

Fair Assesment

Evaluation is an important area of child’s development for DPS Rajnagar. DPS Rajnagar has implemented a system of comprehensive and continuous evaluation as per the guidelines of CBSE. Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) not only benchmarks the academic achievement of students but also assesses other facets like physical growth, emotional stability and the child’s success in ranking equally amongst his or her peer group. Regular parent teacher meetings and a constant updation of each student profile on the school portal will keep parents abreast of the child development.

Streams & Subjects

Humanities Stream

Humanities Stream

The Humanities as a subject is an academic discipline which deals with the study of the ‘Human Condition’, utilizing methodologies that are usually analytical, critical or speculative. One of the several benefits of pursuing the humanities stream after Class 10 is that it provides students with a plethora of career options that are more vocational rather than academic. Some career options for students under this stream are: Anthropology, Civil Services, Economist, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Teaching, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion Designing, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, and Mass Communication / Media.

Science Stream

Science Stream

The vast field of study that comes under the arena of science allows students under this stream innumerable career options. Science involves the systematic study and investigation of all natural phenomena and occurrences by employing various methods such as observation, experimentation, etc. By studying Science after class 10, students can pursue a career in any of the three main subjects in science, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. While some career options may be specific to only one the three subjects under science, most careers might be interdisciplinary and may involve a detailed study of either two or all three of the science subjects.

Commerce Stream

Commerce Stream

Commerce is a study of trade and business that encompass each process and activity that takes place in any commercial organization at any level. Hence, the various career options that a student can pursue after completing school education mainly revolve around this field. Studying the commerce stream during high school will allow a student to pursue career options in fields such as Finance, Planning, Accountancy, Tax Practitioners, Broking, Banking etc. Some career options available to students in this field are: Entrepreneurship, Chartered Accountancy, Investment Banking and Media/Mass Communication.

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