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 School Rules

  1. Every student should bring his/her Almanac and books according to the timetable to school every day.
  2. Strict regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and person are expected from every student. Students must strictly conform to the regulations laid down in this regard.
  3. Carrying of valuable articles like expensive or fancy watches, stationery items, ipods, CDs, DVDs, magazines, mobile phones or any other electronic gizmos to school is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students are not allowed to wear fancy jewellery or clips. If earrings must be worn, they should be worn in only one small hoop or stud. Girls are not allowed to wear more than one pair (small-sized, decent, age and school student appropriate) earrings or studs. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings in the ear. Wearing of nose rings, bangles, chains, rings, bracelets, tattoos of any kind by any student is strictly prohibited.
  5. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all belongings of the student. Blazer, vests & jerseys should also bear the name of the student.
  6. A student who uses unfair means during a test or examination will be given zero in the subject and a warning letter. Repetition of the same will result in his/her dismissal.
  7. Students are not allowed to use the school telephone except in an emergency and with the permission of the Parent Care Executive. They will not be called to answer phone calls during school hours.
  8. Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited within the school premises. Students should bring only wholesome food to school. Junk food and fizzy drinks are strictly prohibited.
  9. Students who come to the school by private transport should arrive at school five minutes before the Home Room period.
  10. We are deeply concerned about the safety and security of our children. Please note that no child may be taken home during school hours unless there is an emergency. In that case, the Principal/IC may be contacted, and permission along with a Gate Pass should be obtained.
  11. Leave for Half day / Early leave after a Weekly Test is not permitted for security reasons. Short leave is not allowed, on account of illness or for functions etc.
  12. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported objectionable conduct out of the school premises on the part of pupils will make them liable for disciplinary action.
  13. On every school day and during school functions and outings, students should be in the school uniform. Proper school uniform is mandatory.
  14. No collection of money / gifts for any purpose is to be made or encouraged.
  15. Children must speak in English with in the school campus and school bus.
  16. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  17. Running, playing, whistling or shouting inside the school building is not permitted.
  18. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments like knives, blades, nail cutter, scissors etc., to the school.
  19. Exploding crackers or splashing colours during Diwali / Holi or on any other occasion in the school premises or school buses is strictly forbidden. Non- compliance to these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.
  20. The warning bell 5 minutes before the interval ends is a signal for all students to gototheirrespectiveclassrooms.This shouldbedonepromptlyandinsilence.
  21. Care must be taken of all school property and no student should damage, deface, destroy or spoil desks, chairs, or any other school furniture / property or write/draw anything on the walls or in any other way damage the things belonging to others. Any reported damage will be dealt with strict action. Fine will be imposed for any willful damage to the school property.
  22. Students should not enter the staff rooms.
  23. Girls' hair must be plaited or tied back if it reaches the shoulders. If ribbons are worn they must be in green colour. No fancy hair-clips or other accessories are permitted.
  24. Non-Sikh boys' hair must not touch the collar and should be cut a little above the ear-lobe in a student appropriate manner.
  25. The school does not accept responsibility for loss of books, pens, money or valuables. Students are not permitted to carry valuable articles or cash to school.
  26. Students should be made to be responsible to take care of their personal belongings.
  27. Children are instructed not to play in the classroom or use cricket bats or hockey sticks except on the playground. The cost of repairs caused by damage to school property may be charged to the concerned child and can lead to the child's suspension from school. No student is permitted to bring any game-sports equipment to the class without instruction from school.
  28. Students are not permitted to colour their hair or use hair gel.
  29. Participation in games and in other extra-curricular activities is compulsory. Exemption may be granted only on medical grounds.
  30. No student of the school is allowed to drive a mechanized vehicle to school. Any student found using the same may be rusticated from the school.
  31. Students using the Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, MID rooms, Humanities labs , Language Labs, Smart Classes and auditorium are expected to be careful while using the equipments therein and to follow the Lab rules strictly.
  32. No chewing gum or stimulant is permitted anywhere in the campus.


Identity Card

The school has introduced a system of an Identity Card for students and a Parent Identity Cards for parents, the use of which will be subject to the following basic rules.

  1. The pupil must carry the Identity Card to school and to all places of school activities in which the pupil is participating.
  2. All the students and their parents/ authorized guardians must possess identity cards issued by the school.
  3. If the pupil is escorted by his guardian or a home escort, the escort must carry the Parent Identity Card for proper identification.


Computer Lab Rules

  1. Before you sit, check the computer for damage and report problems if any to your teacher.
  2. Use only programs specifically assigned by the teacher.
  3. Do not use the internet unless specifically instructed.
  4. Do not play online games or music in the lab.
  5. Do not store any personal files in any folder.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in suspension from the lab.


Disciplinary Measures

Parents are expected to support the school by themselves becoming aware of the norms of conduct expected from their wards and by explaining the value of these to them.

  • Positive behaviour is encouraged in school and acknowledged when shown.
  • Children are encouraged to respect their environment and exhibit spirit of fellow feeling
  • Students should move around the school in an orderly, courteous and quiet manner and settle to work quickly.
  • Students may go to the playground or leave the class only after obtaining permission from the teacher.
  • In between the periods students should not move outside their classroom.

The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with students behaving in an unruly manner:

  1. Oral warning and counseling.
  2. Written warning.
  3. Detention during the break or after school.
  4. Suspension (ranging from 3 days to 30 days).
  5. Rustication.

Students indulging in aggressive or very violent behaviour will be dropped to school and picked up from the school by their parents. They will not be permitted to travel by the school bus.


Careless and untidy work in academics, lack of punctuality, failure of the student to be in proper school uniform over a period of time, any act of misconduct or misbehaviour, unsatisfactory performance in tests will lead to issuing of a Red Card, which has to be signed by the parent, class teacher and the Principal on each day of the week during which the student is on Red Card.

If progress during the week is satisfactory, the Red Card can be discontinued.

Six Red Cards issued to the student throughout his/her tenure would lead to expulsion from the school.


Serious offences which reflect adversely on student's conduct, e.g., breaking bounds, disobedience, telling lies may lead to the issuing of a Yellow Card which deprives the offender of availing any privilege in the school for a week. A student ton Yellow card has to carry a Yellow Card with remarks written on it for the total duration of his/her reformation. He/she is not allowed to attend any programme, picnics or outings. The receipt of two Yellow Cards will lead to the expulsion of the offender from the school on disciplinary grounds.

  • Punctuality is essential at all times. Students who violate this rule without valid reasons will be reprimanded. On the fourth occasion they will be sent home.
  • No student will hang around in the campus or in the school building after the respective bells have rung. Their manner of movement should be quiet and orderly. When using staircases and corridors students must keep to their left

When behaviour is inappropriate/unacceptable it will be dealt immediately by the teacher/IC or Principal so that the students understand the consequences of his/her actions.

The school reserves the sole right to dismiss a student whose progress in studies is consistently unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful, objectionable or injurious to other students. Immorality, carrying obscene material and logging onto obscene website, grave insubordination, disobedience, contempt of authority or willful damage to school property, are some of the reasons for immediate dismissal.


General Guidelines to Parents/Guardians

As this school lays great emphasis on discipline, any slackness, disobedience and disregard of the rules will be dealt with firmly. Any negligence of good manners or code of conduct, any work or action likely to lower the image of the school, is to be regarded as a breach of school discipline. The school reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordination or contempt of authority, breaking bounds and causing damage to school property are always sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion or rustication.

  1. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms to see their children or teachers during school hours.
  2. Parents are required to inform the school if there is any change in their address, telephone numbers and email ID in the prescribed performa available at School Office.
  3. Children when sick should not be sent to school to attend classes.
  4. Parents' attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of the school or teacher in the presence of a child should be scrupulously avoided because it causes the students to lose respect for their teachers and consequently they fail to learn from them. This also retards the student’s progress.
  5. Should there be any legitimate complaint, please meet the Principal / Incharge at the erliest or send a written complaint which will be personally looked into.
  6. Any communication made by the parent / guardian should be addressed to the Principal / Incharge and sent through the Class Teacher. The name of the student, address, phone number, enrollment number and class / section should be clearly mentioned in the application.
  7. Parents should sign the progress report sheet and return it to the school within three days from the date of its distribution. If the progress report is lost or mutilated, a request for it can be made along with the payment of the required fine of Rs. 100 at the School Office.
  8. Parents are required to co-operate with the school in order to help their children progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and to take interest in their wards work. They should check the Almanac every day and note the homework and other instructions given. They are advised to check the bags of their wards to see if any circular/notice/invitation etc. has been issued.
  9. Care must be taken of all school property and if any damage is done it will be compensated for by the concerned student together with a payment of fine imposed for the offence. The student will also have to face strict disciplinary action as decided by the school authorities.
  10. It is compulsory for all students to attend school on the re-opening day after a vacation or semester.
  11. Absence of a student just before and immediately after the vacation would attract strict disciplinary action against him/her.
  12. The wards of those parents who avoid meeting the authorities when advised to do so, may not be allowed to attend classes.
  13. Parents are requested to personally see off and receive their wards at bus stops along with Parent's Identity Card.
  14. Parents and guardians will understand that absence of their ward during the term is not in their best interest. They are asked not to apply for leave if avoidable. Leave can be granted to the student only on the following grounds: Serious illness or death of a very near relative., For a condolence visit, if custom so demands., To attend a marriage in the family.
  15. Parents must first consult the School Almanac and other circulars before making enquiries over the phone. Parents and guardians are requested to read and explain the school rules to their wards.
  16. Collection and distribution of lunch packets and other belongings is not the responsibility of the school.
  17. Students are not allowed to bring sweets, presents, etc. to school for any occasion like birthdays, Teacher's Day, Children's Day or on any other festival.
  18. Parents are requested not to enter school buses to see off and receive their wards.
  19. Parents should not try to overtake and stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus. Such attempts would lead to strict disciplinary action.
  20. Parents should not argue with the teachers present in the bus or the conductor/driver. If there is any problem, a written complaint to the Principal/Incharge or School Office should be given.
  21. Parents or their representatives are requested to carry the Parent's Identity Card when visiting the school to attend any function organized by the school or to collect their wards.
  22. Our School is a poly bag-free zone. Parents are requested not to send or bring any articles like tiffin, stationery, craft articles etc.to school in polybags.
  23. Students are not permitted to use fluid for correction in their note-books or use it during exams.
  24. Parents must pick-up their wards within 15 minutes of dispersal time and should drop them within 15 minutes of start of the school


Health Guidelines to Parents/Guardians

To get the best from the school for your child, you are advised to maintain close contact with the school. We earnestly recommend parents and guardians to look into their ward’s Almanac every day.

Parents are requested to read the Almanac carefully as this is an important link between you and the school which acquaints you with the school rules. You are requested to ensure that the Student’s particulars and the Medical History on page-5- 6 is carefully filled in within a week and bears your signature.

Parents may write to the school or e-mail at : office@dps.ind.in about issues concerning their ward or for seeking advice. Your letters will be replied to, after discussion with the concerned member(s) of the staff.



  1. All parents are requested to impart Health and Hygiene Education to their children so that their wards:
  • maintain personal hygiene.
  • exercise regularly.
  • sleep at least eight hours daily.
  • eat a balanced diet, nutritionally rich in proteins and vitamins.
  • avoid consumption of ice-creams etc. and other eatables from unhygienic places / road side vendors or outlets. 
  1. Immunize your child against the following :
  • (i)   BCG
  • (ii)  DTP
  • (iii) Oral Polio
  • (iv) Measles/MMR
  • (v)  DT-at 5 years of age 

     Tetanus booster dose must be given between 7-16 yrs. of age and also to be given if injured.

  • (vi) Typhoid
  • (vii) Cholera
  • (viii) Hepatitis B
  • (ix) Meningitis
  1. Students suffering from diseases such as Chickenpox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps and Jaundice must observe the prescribed period of quarantine as mentioned below :
  • a)  Chickenpox — Two weeks.
  • b)  Cholera — Till the child is completely cured.
  • c)  Measles — Two weeks after the rashes disappear
  • d)  Mumps — Until the swelling has disappeared.
  • e)  Jaundice — Six weeks after recovery.
  1. Parents are requested not to send their ward to school if the child is suffering from any infectious disease like Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies etc. until the quarantine period is over 
  1. Students suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, epilepsy, rheumatic heart disease etc. are advised to be under continuous medical supervision of a specialist doctor. History of their illness with the specified treatment and the doctor’s contact number must be communicated to school.
  1. Students who are medically unfit shall not be allowed to take class tests or examinations.
  1. A student returning to school after suffering from any kind of illness is required to bring a medical certificate from their doctor on joining the school, a copy of which must be submitted in the school clinic to be endorsed by the school doctor.


Absence Policy

  1. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than five consecutive days shall render a student liable to have his/her name struck off from the rolls.
  2. Parents must fill up the Record for their absence in the Almanac for each day their ward is absent from school stating the reason for absence.
  3. No student who has been absent will be allowed to attend classes until a letter from the parent stating the reason of absence is given to the class teacher.
  4. A student will be granted leave only on medical grounds or for any emergency.
  5. Willful absenteeism a day before a test/examination is strictly discouraged as the absentees miss valuable revision lessons and instructions.


Withdrawal Policy

  1. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all dues to the school have been cleared.
  2. Students can be asked to be withdrawn from the school on the following grounds :
  • a)      indiscipline
  • b)     unsatisfactory progress in school work.
  • c)      issue of 6 red cards throughout his/her academic tenure.
  • d)     issue of 5 yellow cards during his/her academic tenure will also lead to expulsion
  1. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
  2. One clear calendar month's notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu of notice must be given before the pupil is withdrawn.
  3. Those who leave the school in between the session (for any reason) must pay the fees for the month last attended.


Attendance Policy

  1. Students must be present in the school campus before commencement of HR period and should go straight to their classrooms after they alight from their buses.
  2. It is mandatory for students to be present on the first and last working day immediately before or after any vacation.
  3. Irregularity in attendance will be viewed seriously and could result in detention or dismissal. A student's absence must be supported by a note from the Parent or Guardian for genuine reasons of absence.
  4. To meet the promotion criteria 75% attendance is compulsory in both the terms.


Fee Payment System

  1. The school shall take three post dated cheques at the beginning of each session towards the payment of the fees.
  2. No reminders will be sent for fees payment .
  3. Late payment will attract a fine.
  4. Fees not paid may lead to rustication of the student. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of a Re-admission Fee.
  5. Cash payment of fees is not accepted . However, the cheques may be sent through your ward or bus driver in an envelope marked to P.C.E. at School Campus. The receipt will be handed over to your ward in due course. The cheques should be payable at par on any branch of Delhi and should be drawn in favour of "Delhi Public School RajNagar".Please mark the name, class, section and the enrollment number of the student on the reverse of the cheque.


Bus Rules

  1. All students using the school bus are expected to be on the right side of the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  2. The buses will not wait for late comers.
  3. Children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  4. All students must occupy seats immediately after boarding their buses.
  5. The drivers are authorised to stop buses at the designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the bus teacher. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change.
  6. When the buses are in motion, students must not move around in the bus and no part of their body should be outside the window.
  7. Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism.
  8. Discarding of trash or food either inside or outside the buses is not permitted.
  9. Unruly behaviour like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited. Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.
  10. The driver's attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  11. The bus incharges and student bus monitors, are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. If any complaint is received by the driver, attendant and bus monitor a necessary disciplinary action will be taken or the service withdrawn. Any serious offence must be reported to the school office.
  12. No student will board the bus without the identity card.
  13. List of students with bus stops, etc., will be available in each bus.
  14. Under no circumstances students are allowed to go behind or under the buses parked in the school campus. Students are also not allowed to sit in the parked buses during school hours.
  15. Under no circumstances should the students touch the instrument panel of buses
  16. If a student misses his allotted bus he should not try to board any other bus and it will be the responsibility of the parents to drop their wards to the school. However, the student will return by the allotted bus.
  17. If due to certain exigencies, a student leaves the school campus during school hours, under his/her own arrangements, the following rules will be observed:
  18. • A written request from the parent/guardian will be needed
  19. • Parent's Identity Card to be produced
  20. • School Leaving Register to be signed
  21. • A permission Slip to be obtained and shown at the school gate before leaving the campus.
  22. No student should come to the entry door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt. The front door of the bus is the only authorised entrance and exit.
  23. Boarding and alighting from buses should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  24. All students must occupy allotted seats immediately after boarding their respective buses. Reservation of seats for co-commuters is not allowed under any circumstances.
  25. Students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear, the school bags and other belongings are placed in an orderly manner.
  26. In case of change in stop and/or bus (of a temporary or permanent nature), the permission for the same has to be sought through an application on the prescribed form available at the School Office.
  27. If any escort from home fails to turn up in time to receive a pupil, the pupil will be taken to the school office and the guardian will have to collect the pupil from there.

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