Aesthetic Personality Development Programme, Unique Art Education and Reading Programme are an important part of the school curriculum for students at DPS R, to acquire and internalize the acquired knowledge. Aesthetic Personality Development Programme enable students to discover new ways of looking at things and experiences that not only help to acquire literary competence but also a strong character.

DPSRN gives a platform to children to inculcate values, enhance knowledge and sharpen their skills through various club activities. this builds up a sense of sincerity. Children apprehend what is taught to them and retain them by getting opportunities to perform.

‘World is a complicated place for a child, there is a lot of division among people. Here comes the role of performing arts that tends to unite the people in a way nothing else does.’

Visual and performing arts help children to be what they are.

This is what is encouraged at DPSRN. The school believes in bringing out their originality,letting them flourish with their talent,showcase their hidden potentials and master their interests.

At DPSRajnagar we believe that reading and writing stories helps build the thought process and the imagination of the child, in accordance with that a story writing workshop is organised in school .

In this workshop students go through eight days of rigorous training to eventually come up with their manuscript . It is an intensive training program which helps students to develop a broad perspective in life.

Reading opens the door to learning. Reading Programme is conducted to enhance the phonemic awareness, vocabulary, language and communication skills of every student. The programme encourages students to develop regular reading habits.

Unique Art Education classes are held in an environment to hone the creative and motor skills, the imaginative power and ideas of students. Students are introduced to life study, story depiction, group discussion, etc.

To teach the children about rain forests, wildlife and to encourage the relationship with the outside world, we organise adventure based learning programs for our students. It also helps to explore interdependence and group dynamics.

These Programs are primarily designed for:

  • Building Confidence and Self Worth in the students.

  • Helping students to challenge their mindsets and fears.

  • Building awareness of the basic teamwork and leadership.

  • Making students aware of their innate potential and build in “I CAN” and “I WILL” attitude.

  • Instilling basic life skills in students.

Educational Trips

The school undertakes educational trips to the most famous places in Delhi and NCR to enrich student’s knowledge about their heritage and culture. The school also initiates interactive talk sessions.

NCC exposes students to a regimented way of life which is essential for inculcating the values of self discipline, dutifulness, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for authority, good and correct work ethos and self-confidence. Students with NCC Certificates are given Bonus Marks/weightage in various Government/Private Jobs. DPS Rajnagar raised NCC Girls Junior Division in which 100 Girls of grade 8and 9 are enrolled.

Spic Macay(The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) programmes are organised regularly to enrich and inspire the youth to imbibe the values embedded in the various aspects of Indian Heritage.

Mission of Khelo India Programme is Grass-root Talent Hunt. The purpose of launching the Khelo India programme is to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level. DPS Rajnagar has accepted Khelo India programme. Assessment of physical fitness of all the students of grade 1 to grade 12 is already done under this programme. Selected students will be prepared for Khelo India annual sports competition 2020.

We train students in Kathak at different levels at DPS Rajnagar and Anjali Girdhar ( Senior disciple of Padmabivushan Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji ) come and conducts the exam.

At DPS RAjnagar we train students in Bharatanatyam and Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad conducted Bharatanatyam exam at DPS Rajnagar for the students of Grades III – X.

Trinity College London (TCL) is an internationally acclaimed and leading examinations board based in London, England, which offers graded and diploma qualifications across a range of disciplines in the performing arts and English language in over 70 countries worldwide.

We train students and Trinity conducts the graded exams at different levels at DPS Rajnagar from Grade Initial- Grade 2 for Electronic Keyboard and Western Vocal- Rock & Pop. The examiners from Trinity College London come and assess the students.

The school undertakes to celebrate students birthday in class by offering a gift to the student and sweets to the class. So no student is permitted to bring any sweets or gifts to school.

Students of DPS Rajnagar are being trained in school premises by qualified sports coaches. Sports training are imparted in Morning Sports/After school sports and Saturday sports. Sports training programmes are tailor made so as academics is not disturbed.

In order to help our students to constructively utilise their time, we conduct a summer camp for two weeks before the summer vacation. The students of Grades I to VIII join the Summer Camp and take part in activities like Art and Craft, Swimming, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music etc.