Exclusive Services

We have a fully equipped four bed clinic in the school manned by a qualified doctor and a trained nurse. Apart from giving first aid during the school hours, we take care of the following functions:

  • Hygiene check of the students.

  • Health check up by specialists during the Health Week.

  • Information about Health Education to the students.

  • Safety and first-aid education to the students

  • Keeping health records of the students.

The school counsellor is a specialist in child psychology and, therefore, plays a vital role in the development of children who need special attention and support.

Education being multifaceted, it not only influences the child’s mental faculties but also his/her emotional and social quotient. Likewise the emotional and the social factors influence the child’s academic performance. Children pass through many stages during their school life. For most, this transfer is effortless, while others require some push to join the mainstream. There are also some children who face difficulty in grasping through usual methods of teaching within the stipulated time. Usually for children with learning disabilities or slow learners we impart personal attention to remain at par with their classmates.

The Counsellor co-ordinates with the teachers to identify the children with learning disabilities and those who are hyperactive, aggressive, impulsive or display undesirable behavioural patterns. Thereafter, these children are constantly monitored by the counsellor. Parents can also approach the counsellor to discuss the changes in their child’s behaviour. Often modifications in the parenting styles resolve the problems and leads to the positive parent-child relationship.

Thus, we at Delhi Public School Rajnagar ensure that all children get the individual attention they deserve so that we may identify their strengths and help them overcome their challenges; thereby creating responsible citizens of the future.

The school library is open to all the bonafide students of the school. All the classes are provided with one library period per week.

The students should observe the following rules with regard to library use :

  • All students must come to the library in a single file according to their roll numbers.

  • They must maintain absolute silence in the library.

  • The library has an ‘open access system’, i.e., the children are allowed to go directly to the shelves and take a book of their choice.

  • They must put the books back on the same shelf after reading, to maintain order and organization in the library.

  • Students are not allowed to bring their personal books or belongings to the library.

  • Each student must bring his/her Almanac and a pencil to the library.

  • They must keep a track of books read by them during their library period in their library record .

  • Any student found damaging or defacing a book will be debarred from availing library facilities for the whole academic year.

A child with a learning disability is said to learn differently. Early identification and remedial teaching using multi-sensory techniques helps a child overcome his/her difficulties to a very large extent. Famous personalities like Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Leonardo-da-Vinci, and Albert Einstein all had difficulty in learning to read and write. So it is of utmost importance that we not only help the child to learn differently but also identify his strengths and provide proper training and guidance.

We provide career counseling and guidance to students and their parents periodically on how to achieve their goals and meet their challenges through an expert professional Counselor and Guide appointed by School.

Parents may be given an opportunity to consult the expert on a one to one basis for grades IX-XII students.

Taking a conscious step towards the culmination of students’ hard work under the able guidance of their teachers, Team DPS Raj Nagar brings to life enchanting presentations, we call as ‘Edutainment’. Being ensembles of a variety of cultural and social acts, these presentations allow the young minds to explore and express a plethora of ideas.

The school arranges for remedial classes to help students improve their scholastic performance. In such a situation the parents are expected to co-operate by dropping and picking ward to and from the school accordingly.

The school prepares and guides the students for taking the prestigious National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), National Standards Examination (NSE), Olympiads, counducted by CBSE and other meaningful examinations conducted by reputed organisations across the globe.

The school arranges for enrichment classes to help students improve their scholastic performance. In such a situation the parents are expected to co-operate by dropping and picking ward to and from the school accordingly.

Quantum is a platform for students to showcase their innovative approach in Science, Social Science and Mathematics. This science festival is open for all the students of grade I-XII. Innovative ideas in form of working models are framed on various stalls under different themes.

DPSRN started OES and OEM classes to foster the scientific temperament, rational thinking, logical approach, problem solving assessment and quick grasping. It is a step towards imbibing scientific temperament and aptitude among the young thinkers.

In DPSRN, We give regular guidance to proactive and meticulous students who have interest in innovation to find scientific solutions for real time problems of Society and Nation. We reinforce them to take part in competitions like NCSC, INSPIRE, IGNITE etc.

Arthashastra – The Economics quiz and Dharohar – The History quiz are one of kind online International quizzes conducted globally every year by DPS Rajnagar.